Karin Fong designs title sequences

In her entertaining talk Karen Fong shows how designing title sequences for films is about making transitions from the everyday to the fantastical.

Karin Fong, a director at Imaginary Forces, talks about connections as one of the key features in title sequences.

Designing main title sequences for films is about building a bridge into the narrative, says Fong.

Those title sequences are also about building a pathway from reality into fantasy and exploring the relationship between words and images.

Finding a transitional language and layering the experience with stills and movie images was the modus operandi for Magic Trip.

Making different connections meet in one short concentrated piece was the challenge in designing a title sequence for a film about the work of Ray and Charles Eames and several design icons at Herman Miller. 

A title sequence for a film is an in-between space; a  sequence should be so unique that it simply won’t work anywhere else, says Fong.

Fong highlights this point with examples from her work for films and television, including Going the DistanceBoardwalk Empire and The Cat in the Hat