Filmmakers Lernert & Sander address piracy in the creative industry

Their approach to their talk at the Design Indaba Conference 2017 was no different to their stunningly cheeky designs.
Famously known for their striking installations and high-conceptual art films, Lernert and Sander's distinctive approach to design has earned them numerous awards and international recognition. In this humor-filled Design Indaba 2017 talk, they walk us through their successes and their challenges. The latter focusing on piracy in the advertising industry. 
In 2011, the Dutch duo was approached by Wallpaper Magazine to make a film for the magazine’s handmade issue. They collaborated with Brioni and came up with the idea that a hand would be the ultimate representation of a customer to prove the skills and craftsmanship of a brand such as Brioni. This successful idea was stolen and became one of the long list of ideas to be stolen in the years to come. 
Using their creativity and sharp humour, the duo decided to use their bitterness and do something artistic. They have printed out the names (and faces) of all the people they claim have stolen from them. Put their original work alongside the rip-off and accompanied it with a personalised satirical note of forgiveness. 
Lernert and Sander show that creativity can be used to tackle things that aren’t often spoken about and open up dialogues in innovative ways. 

Watch the Interview with Lernert & Sander