Akshat Verma on breaking rules and expectations when writing for the screen

Akshat Verma reveals how his work is shaped by his raw experiences, as well as influences from various cultures.

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Screenwriter Akshat Verma could easily be mistaken for a comedian. Speaking at Design Indaba Conference 2012, Verma discloses the rules he follows when writing for the screen, such as “no adverbs” and “squat daily”.

I have for you the absolute surefire, guaranteed rules for writing a blockbuster – Akshat Verma

Illustrating these rules, he talks about his own blockbuster movie, Delhi Belly (2011), a black slapstick comedy of Bollywood meets heist flick, which has been called "the Bollywood version of The Hangover".

Akshat gives insight into his creative process, saying the old is the key to understanding the new. He believes that creatives should consider the nature of originality while spending their lives chasing the “new”. His own film depends on this premise as it defies genre stereotypes and breaks the rules of traditional cinema.

This is what I realised, says Verma. Rules are arbitrary but principles are not. That's why we can break rules; we should break rules; as long as we understand the principles behind them.

Verma further highlights the importance of being influenced by as many cultures as possible to not remain static in a one-dimensional mindset. 

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