Paul du Toit public artwork

Paul du Toit's sculpture "Into Tomorrow" was unveiled on the corner of Bree and Shortmarket Streets on 28 February 2015, with funding from Design Indaba.

The bronze sculpture “Into Tomorrow” was unveiled in the city centre of Cape Town on a large concrete plinth with an interrupted long concrete Rock Girl bench around one side.

Design Indaba’s involvement in the installation of Paul du Toit’s “Into Tomorrow” sculpture opposite Riebeeck Square has its origins in the Bow Wow Competition that ran at Design Indaba Expo 2009. Fifty “Puppy” sculptures, an iconic design for Magis, were donated by ID Solutions, decorated by a roster of local designers and auctioned off for charity. The proceeds were earmarked by the Design Indaba Trust to support a suitable public project.

Du Toit was a longtime friend and supporter of Design Indaba, and we followed his career closely. He hosted our international speakers during Design Indaba Conference, exhibited at Design Indaba Expo, and even made one of the Bow Wow sculptures for that competition in 2009 (Design Indaba founder Ravi Naidoo ended up buying it and still has it in his home.)

With Du Toit we share the same spirit of optimism, outreach and creative entrepreneurialism. He cared about the city and its fabric, and so do we.

The sculpture honours his memory and extends our own mandate of using design to create change. 

Read our interview with Lorette du Toit, Paul du Toit's wife.

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