Design is about more than products. Leveraging our network, we coordinated the delivery of 11 tons of food and other provisions to Somalia.


We at Design Indaba are proud of our global network. It is a gift from our 16-year journey. Yet we know that a network is a privilege and with it comes a responsibility to leverage it for good.

Last week, we were moved by news reports from Somalia. The US Government reported that 29 000 children have died in Somalia in the past 90 days. This spurred us into action and we started to call a few friends.

We have since secured access to a plane, cash and value-in-kind commitments. On Friday 12 August 2011 we dispatched a plane to Mogadishu with 11 tons of food and other provisions.

We've created a logo for this. We can't help ourselves. We are in the design realm after all.

It was inspired by a presentation by Cameron Sinclair of Architecture for Humanity – who is a trailblazer in the deployment of design solutions in emergencies. He suggested a new way of looking at design.

Design, as emergency rescue.

You see, design is really not about objects alone. Design is ultimately about problem-solving. Design can also be about processes, events and campaigns.

We thank all our supporters and friends who have rallied around this cause. This mercy flight is only due to the power of collaboration.

More love,

Team Design Indaba






"The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have." – Vince Lombardi

Interactive Africa enlisted the support of companies, from around the country, for the mercy flight to Somalia, through cash and value-in-kind donations.

A trust account has been set up at Bowman Gilfillan. We are hoping that more companies will take up the challenge and contribute to this cause, so that we may send more flights to Somalia over the ensuing weeks.

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Bowman Gilfillan Inc. Trust Account
Standard Bank of South Africa Limited
Cape Town
The Interactive Africa Somalia Relief Fund

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