The future of craft

Is it craft or is it design? What's the role of craft in the 21st century? Here are four interviews from our archives that explore various notions of craft.
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Stephen Burks' Man Made exhibition.
Stephen Burks' Man Made exhibition.

Justin McGuirk on the significance of craft in the post-industrial 21st century

"Craft is what design was before it became ‘design’...," says writer and curator Justin McGuirk. He shares his point of view here

Stephen Burks on collaborations with African craftsmen  

Stephen Burks discusses his recent work with African artisans and craftsmen, addressing issues such as the immediacy of design, models of distribution and progress and development through collaboration.

Maxim Velčovský on craft's connection to context 

Czech product designer Maxim Velčovský believes craft is just as much about place and context as it is about a means of creation. Read his take on the definition of craft here.

Hella Jongerius on craftsmanship in industrial design 

"I like to connect craftsmanship into the process so that you have some imperfections, some human life, so that people also connect to the products that come out of an industrial process," says Hella Jongerius. She tells us more about her design approach in the video interview above.  


Watch the Talk with Hella Jongerius