Focus on: Graphic designers at AGI

Watch these videos from our archives with three graphic designers speaking at AGI Open in São Paulo, Brazil.
AGI Open São Paulo, Brazil.
AGI Open São Paulo, Brazil.

The annual two-day congress of the Alliance Graphique Internationale, AGI Open kicks-off on 18 August in São Paulo, Brazil. The Alliance Graphique Internationale, founded in Switzerland in 1954, is an association that brings together prominent graphic designers in the world to promote the profession. We dip into our archives for these interviews and talks  with three graphic designers who will all be speaking at the event.

Jan Wilker

Karlssonwilker inc. is a design studio located in the heart of Manhattan, founded by Icelander Hjalti Karlsson and Jan Wilker from Germany. In this talk they share the story of how they started out. 

Watch the full talk here. 


Kenya Hara 

Kenya Hara is a graphic designer and curator living and working in Tokyo, Japan. In this interview at AGI Open London 2013 he explains what he believes the role of a designer should be.

The role of the designer is changing. Not only in producing fantastical forms... but also visualising the possibility of new industries, says Hara.


Taku Satoh


In this presentation Taku Satoh talks about designing the packaging for Japan’s most popular and recognisable chewing gum. He also talks about the anatomy of design and the information that is locked up in artefacts. Watch the talk here. 


Paula Scher 

From the signage for a parking garage in New York to the logo for Microsoft’s Windows 8, Paula Scher talks about some of her recent work and how it is able to live in different spaces and mediums.

Watch the Talk with Karlssonwilker Inc