Life And Debt

Posted 1 May 03 By Design Indaba Point of View / Opinion Comments

Still cant find a solution
Borrowin money fe lend
World bank a nuh wi fr'en

Is life an'debt all a wi a fret
Life an' debt freedom not yet

Farmers get a blow
Foreign food suh an'suh
Amerikan farmer get a upper hand
W'ile our farmers goin' one be one
Bank slash news flash
Big bway hide 'im stash
Nuh money nuh job
Borrowin money fi lend..
Capitalism a nuh wi fren

Caricom carry gone everyt'ing
Too much importin'debt increase
Country deh pon lease
Politicians a fraud
De people draw bad card
T'ings nuh cool
Dem teck wi fi fool
Gun shot in de street
Blood pon sheet
Sour nuh sweet

But t'ings afi tun
Or a pure fire bunn
Someone will 'ave to pay
Nuh more man out a clay
Nuh more blind faith
Wi need food inna wi plate
Look how long wi a sweat
Too much foreign debt

Mutabaruka: Dub Poet & singer, Jamaica