Freshly African

Freshlyground's new album Radio Africa is fresh (obviously), fun and fabulously local!

It’s probably safe to say that Freshlyground is one of the most exciting things to have happened on the South African music landscape in recent years. And the launch of their fourth studio album, Radio Album, is further proof of why they are able to appeal to such a diverse audience.

The 11-track album is an interesting mix of eclectic urban and African sounds with pop, jazz and even rock influences. Radio Africa also comments on social issues like consumerism. The group’s critique on the leadership style of Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe with their song “Chicken to Change” caused some controversy and received a lot of media coverage.

Radio Africa further builds on the exposure they enjoyed during the World Cup when they teamed up with Shakira for the official World Cup Anthem.

The album’s artwork and design is by Twoshoes Graphic Design and has a distinctly “urban Africa” feel about, very 1950s Drum magazine inspired. It’s fresh, colourful and offers a tiny glimpse into what happens in the studio.

It’s a must-have for any South African music lover’s collection, and the perfect accompaniment to a good ol’ weekend braai.