#DI Emerging Creative Fiona Davhana talks appreciating the natural, expressing womanhood and being her own muse

Creativity as a form of healing and body positivity
Posted 9 Aug 21 By Design Indaba Art & Photography Interviews / Q&A Comments

How would you describe the aesthetic of your work?

 My work is focused mostly on appreciating the natural. Whether it be beauty, the form of different bodies, or even structures. I try to make it a point that my interests remain in the pure, untouched, and natural things of the world I live in.

As a photographer, what do you consider the fundamentals of a perfect portrait photograph?

My fundamentals would be capturing the emotion in my subject's eyes as well as the expression on their face because I believe these tell us a story about the subject in focus. I consider time, location, and setting when telling a story. I have also found it vital to take test/candid shots, and of course, the background counts!

You are your own muse in many of your works - how does the creative process differ when capturing yourself versus others?

When photographing myself, my work is abstruse, obscure. I usually do not show my face because I would like for my viewers to try and make sense of what emotions each portrait conveys, and when photographing other subjects, my focus is the story their eyes tell. More often than not, I believe I capture in my subjects the emotions that I have a difficult time facing.

The expression of womanhood is a common theme in your work. What advice do you have for other women looking to liberate themselves through their art?

Womanhood is a vital part of my growth. Body positivity is pertinent to me due to reasons such as being made fun of for being "too skinny" when young as well as a few other personal traumas. I felt it right, and necessary, to use my creativity as a way of finally taking control of my body and healing myself and getting past the pain that once consumed me. So, with that being said, I would advise that other women stop running from their story, their truth, because if anything, that is what is reflected in their work. I believe complete honesty with oneself is the most liberating thing for anyone, especially women who are afraid to see themselves as they are.

What can we look forward to seeing from you in the near future?

 I have made my creativity the centre of my journey to self-discovery and self-awareness so the future is about telling a more elaborate story about my journey through my work. Until I am content with the knowledge of self, I will continue to be my own muse, continue to learn about myself as an individual.

Fiona Davhana