SOUTH deadline extended until December 8

Enter the SOUTH competition now and stand a chance to win R100 000. What's stopping you?

Enter the SOUTH competition now and stand a chance to win R100 000. What's stopping you?

Second place receives R50 000, third place receives R25 000 and all finalists will be included on the SOUTH exhibition, set to travel around South Africa and the world through 2009.

Missed the deadline? Design Indaba are extending the deadline to December 8 so as to accomodate a number of student and professional entrants who could not meet the original SOUTH deadline. All submissions are to be made electronically and finalists will be contacted regarding the final product for exhibition.

Have we mentioned the R100 000?

SOUTH is a multi-disciplinary celebration of what South African creativity really means. We’re not being prescriptive – in fact, we’re asking you what South African creativity is and asking you to embody the answer in whichever creative form you see fit – because it is going to be you that wins the
R100 000.

Have we said that already? Let’s say it again: R100 000.

The award is open to all creatives across all industries including advertising, design, film and video, music, performing arts, fashion design, new media, publishing, radio and television, industrial design, visual art, architecture and crafts. That means that entries may be in the form of an advert, design, video, film, song, performance, fashion item, book, radio show, television show, industrial design, painting, sculpture, print, photo, building, craft work or anything else.

Two runners up will receive R50 000 and R25 000 respectively.

SOUTH is the new creative ethos that has emerged from South Africa in the past few years. It’s the zeitgeist of contemporary creativity in the diverse, heritage-rich South Africa. SOUTH defines itself beyond ethnicity, religion, race or language, rather celebrating difference and uniqueness while accommodating the ongoing social challenges of the modern world. SOUTH is an inversion of hand-me-down Eurocentric creativity – turning the world map upside down to find that South is on top and South Africa the pinnacle of the world.

Even if you don’t win a prize, so finalists will still be included in the travelling exhibition – an exhibition that stands to be this century’s most radical visual treat the world has yet seen from Africa. Everyone wins!

What now?

Download the entry form at

Send the entry form, pictures of the work, copy of ID and proof of payment to

Deadline extended to: 8 December 2008.

South background

Realising the need to fortify and celebrate the uniquely SOUTH-flavoured creativity that our country has been putting out, Design Indaba have partnered with Creative Circle and The Loerie Awards to form the Creative Alliance who have announced the SOUTH award and exhibition, sponsored by the SABC.

The SOUTH exhibition will celebrate the legends who have pioneered this upswing in a display of the top creative icons of the past few years. In turn, the SOUTH competition encourages everyone to invert their compasses and create something in the spirit of what it means to reclaim the world from the bottom up. The SOUTH competition finalists will complete the exhibition and three cash prizes will be awarded: R100 000, R50 000 and R25 000.

The SOUTH exhibition of legends and competition finalists will debut at the 2009 Design Indaba Expo. Then it’s time to take the message to the world – stand back Milan, London and New York, here comes SOUTH!

Onwards... upwards... southwards... viva!