Make a Massive Change at DI2011 Filmfest

Join Bruce Mau and creative proponents across the globe for the free, live launch of the Massive Change Network on 24 February.

Climate change, population growth, resource consumption and species extinction are just some of the problems facing the human race on a global scale. But what if we changed all that by designing a plan to creatively rise to these challenges and to engage in various initiatives that drive the development of sustainable new possibilities for a better future?

It is possible and it’s happening right here with venerated Design Indaba speaker Bruce Mau! Join Design Indaba and creative proponents in 10 cities around the globe at the Freeworld Design Centre in Cape Town on Thursday 24 February 2011 at 7:30pm for the live launch of Mau’s Massive Change Network. Come and participate in a new creative world order – it's free.

What if citizens can change and design the world for the betterment of not only our welfare today, but the future of generations to come? Imagine harnessing the power of collaboration, science, creativity, design thinking and optimism to solve the world’s greatest challenges. Find out how this is all possible and how you can actively go about designing a more sustainable future.

The evening will start with the screening of the Swedish documentary film, The Plan by David Österberg. Here you will be introduced to people whose thoughts, ideas and plans appear to be part of something bigger, a movement powerful enough to change the world before it is too late.

Following the screening of the film, Mau, Österberg and Bisi Williams will lead a live global discussion and Q&A session, addressing the following questions:

  • How can we get the power of design into the hands of the 99% who have not had access to higher education?
  • How do we break through the noise, and make the best of human culture the most visible?
  • What can we do to accelerate the best (and stop the rest)?

Bringing the collaborative power of entrepreneurial design to sustainable human development to create more intelligent and beautiful ways of living, the Massive Change Network is guided by 10 principles. Starting with the understanding that purpose inspires learning and that in design terms the worst problems have the potential for the most interesting solutions, the Massive Change Network prioritises public engagement.

Successful solutions to public problems tend to result from the collaborative work of renaissance teams that include people from different backgrounds that bring complementary skills sets to the issue. The Massive Change Network also emphasises design thinking as a core methodology that can be used with experience to deepen knowledge. Most importantly, however, is for all creative proponents to campaign for the designing of systems, rather than objects, to ensure a more beautiful future.

Watch the Talk with Bruce Mau