Dillon Marsh: Emerging Creatives Q&A

This week’s featured Emerging Creative is artist and photographer Dillon Marsh, who was part of the programme at Design Indaba Expo in 2010.

Part of the Project

Dillon Marsh is a Cape Town-based artsist and photographer whose work often explores our relationship with different environments and objects. Here’s what he had to say about being part of the Emerging Creatives programme in 2010.

Did being part of Emerging Creatives help you establish yourself as a fully-fledged creative professional?

At the time of my participation in 2010 I was only creating art in my spare time, while supporting myself with a full-time job. The Emerging Creatives programme gave me a lot of direct exposure which, in turn, boosted my confidence and helped me decide to pursue art as a full-time career.

How has the volume of your business increased since the stage of your career when you were part of the Emerging Creatives programme? Have you had any major commissions or business orders as a result of it?

Although I have had a number of artwork sales since participating, my main focus has been directed towards gaining exposure and making a name for myself as an artist. The Emerging Creatives programme definitely helped in that respect.

What were the most valuable things you got out of the programme?

I think the confidence that it gave me was the most valuable thing that I got out of the experience. I was also introduced to a gallery that I still often work with today.

Since Emerging Creatives, have you participated in any local or international exhibitions or events, or won any awards? 

I have participated in two local solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions, both locally and internationally. I was also announced as one of the five winners of the POPCAP'13 photography competition.

Dillon Marsh lives and works in Cape Town as a professional artist and photographer. See more of his work at dillonmarsh.com.

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