Youth, Drugs and Nightlife: Megan Doherty captures a jaded subculture

Based in Derry, Northern Ireland, photographer Megan Doherty uses her friends as inspiration.

Photographer Megan Doherty creates a neon world of fantasy out of the real world she inhabits. Using her friends as inspiration, Doherty’s photographs are her escape from a dreary town in Ireland.

Spanning a number of years, Stoned in Melanchol is in many ways a work of fiction, Doherty told Feature Shoot. “Getting lost is a way to make life a little more appealing.Reality doesn’t compare to the world that can exist in your head,” she adds.

The result is an inside look into an otherwise unknown Irish subculture.

Greedy, 2016
Stoned in Melanchol, 2014
Nightcall, 2015
Untitled, 2015
On Top of the Hill, 2016
All Over Me, 2016
Every Stranger, 2015
Untitled, 2016
Creep, 2016 + Creep, 2016
Charlotte, 2015
House Party, 2015
Kristy, 2015