Well strung

Traditional net-weaving techniques, as used by local fishermen in India, are used to create large-scale string sculptures.

Bright, delicate and awe-inspiring, American artist Janet Echelman creates large-scale sculptural installations using age-old net-weaving techniques.

Echelman creates these sculptures using the traditional net-weaving techniques that she learnt from local fishermen in India during a Fulbright lectureship.

Using the traditional techniques, Echelman creates both indoor and outdoor public string installations with a netting material that is similar to what the fishermen in India use. These are either hand-woven or machine-woven, depending on the requirements of the specific project.

The sculptures are often suspended between buildings where they interact with the wind and sunlight in an almost magical way. When the sculptures are lit at night they add an inspiring light to the sky that resembles the aurora borealis. At night the suspension cables become invisible, creating the illusion that the sculptures are floating mid-air.

Realising the complex design requires input from a team that includes not only designers but also aeronautical and mechanical engineers.