Welcome to Germany is a cellphone app for refugees

A smart application provides migrants with much-needed information about life in Germany.

Image: http://welcome-app-concept.de/

A new smartphone application, launched by the German government, helps refugees who arrive in the country after fleeing their homes. By supplying much-needed information on customs, language, laws and services, the app hopes to help migrants with integration and orientation.

Developed by two Dresden-based IT companies, "Welcome to Germany" is free, non-profit application. Available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms, the application can be accessed offline and is available in Arabic, German and English.

"Welcome to Germany" is only one of numerous cellphone based applications directed at refugees and migrants in Europe, but distinguishes itself as a platform where migrants can obtain specific information on the asylum seeking procedure.

Initially designed as a regional application for the city of Dresden, the app has grown in popularity among migrants and has been adapted to cater to other cities too.

Migrants find themselves in a foreign country facing language barriers, new customs and laws. This can be a challenging time as they also face stigma and resistance from the locals. The application contains information regarding, everyday life in Germany and basic introductory course to the German language.

Image: http://welcome-app-concept.de/