Wall wonder

It's almost hard to believe that something made of corrugated cardboard can look this good...

MyScreen frames are decorative wall projections that simultaneously serve as modular containers. Created by Valencia-based Sanserif Creatius, MyScreen frames are part of a new, exclusive collection in corrugated cardboard for the latest edition of Habitat Valencia.

Ideal for contemporary spaces, the MyScreen frames explore the possibilities for projecting images or photos against a wall. Explains designer Ana Yago: “MyScreen recreates the corners of a virtual screen and ensures that the space we use for projections on a wall or another surface at home or in the office are clearly demarcated.”

The MyScreen system, made with a single die-cut in the shape of a bracket or the corner of a picture frame with different graphic features, allows the user to choose the size of the projection. At the same time an empty space is decorated.

To make it easy to use, and to ensure spatial clarity, is comes in two units, which are to be situated on the diagonal corners of the space allotted for the projection, thus perfectly defining the virtual screen.

A design which can claim versatility is always great. MyScreen can also be used as an occasional container or shelf, providing a temporary holder for the remote control or chosen projection materials.