Waiting on change

Faith47 uses the South African mining crisis as inspiration for her latest work, "The Long Wait".
Posted 2 Oct 12 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

Miners are waiting for justice. Workers are waiting for a living wage. People are waiting for service delivery. Refugees are waiting for assistance. Men are waiting for jobs. We are all waiting for an honest politician. So many people are waiting for others to do things first. To take the blame. To do things for them. To take the fall. To build the country. To admit defeat.

In light of the ongoing mining crisis in South Africa, Faith47 created "The Long Wait" throughout the streets of Johannesburg.

The installations wish to represent the time spent waiting by workers, and the rest of South African citizens, before any change takes place. Faith47 portrays, through her thought-provoking street art, how time is lost and can never be regained.

Faith47 referenced her friend Alexia Webster's photographs, who had also been thinking about the long wait.

"The Long Wait" is the is the first installment of Faith47’s solo exhibition Fragments of a Burnt History which will be on display at the David Krut Gallery in Johannesburg from 8 November 2012.

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