Vertical garden

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders creates an interior garden of ceramic flowers with his wall cladding design, Frozen Garden, for Bisazza’s 2014 collection.

Often when we think of design inspired by nature, we only think of organic, amorphous lines but you also find wonderful examples of geometric forms that occur in nature.

Marcel Wanders’ new design, Frozen Garden reminds us that snowflakes, ice crystals and even flower petal arrangements are among the many geometric shapes found in the natural world.

For Bisazza's 2014 collection Wanders, a longtime collaborator of the brand, designed stunning faceted, hexagonal tiles that also come in a version adorned with a daisy-like blossom in the centre. The two versions of the tiles can be freely combined to create random or regular patterns. Frozen Garden is available in a classic monochrome palette of black and white. 

It only takes one crystal to grow a Frozen Garden. Plant one with loving care, and watch Frozen Garden unfold before your eyes. Organic and wild, ceramic crystals transform walls into tactile and textured universes. Let go and run wild in a garden of your own, says Wanders.

The Frozen Garden designs form part of the Italian mosaic and tile producer’s 2014 collection that also features designs by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel Interiors and Paolo Navone.

Bisazza's new 2014 collection will be available from February 2014.

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