UNina Afrika: The totemic light sculpture

This design emulates the act of carrying heavy goods on one’s head.

Capetonian interior design agency Nawaaz Saldulker has completed their latest unique creation, UNina Afrika, a light installation that pays homage to the women in rural Africa who often carry baskets of food or pails of water on their heads across great lengths.

UNina Afrika (which translates to Mother Africa) is a 3-metre tall light sculpture comprised of several metallic “hive” shapes that can be detached and rearranged at will. The tower of light can be disassembled from its central beam which is lined with LED lamps, casting interesting shadows in every direction.

UNina Afrika sculpture

The segments of the sculpture are made of thin steel bars bulging outward slightly, a nod to the curvy figure of a woman. UNina Afrika features subtle adornments of sprig-like metal running in between the steel bars, resembling the tumbleweeds of Africa’s arid regions.

According to the Nawaaz Saldulker designers, “Every shape represents a different aspect of Puncture Points, namely agriculture; marine; the informal sector; transport; and the private sector. These all affect the daily lives of most citizens from Cape Town or those from any other port city. We see them as living macro-organisms, ever changing and moving.”

UNina Afrika sculpture

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