Twitter lights!

The Twitter Ball raises awareness about plastic waste in the ocean, using Twitter to highlight the cause.

UK-based eco-artist Sarah Turner uses plastic waste products to create decorative lighting products and installations.

Her latest project for a non-profit organisation looked at ways of reducing the plastic vortex in the Pacific Ocean. The result was a massive, spherically-shaped light, called the Twitter Ball, made with 562 recycled bottle ends, hand-cut and attached to each other to create the spherical shape.

What’s more, each bottle has an LED light inside that connects it to social networking platform Twitter. When selected words, such as “recycling” and “ocean” are tweeted, the Twitter Ball flashed in different colours.

A video of the lights was streamed live so that visitors to the website could view the tweet-reactions happening. Each time the message was re-tweeted $1 was donated to the organisation.

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