Touchpad dining

The new Inamo restaurant in London revolutionises the service and hospitality industry with a unique menu based on interactive design.

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Blacksheep design consultancy have unveiled an interactive multimedia restaurant in London’s West End – Inamo. The radical new concept in dining combines technological innovation with high quality Asian food to give customers a taste of the future.
At the heart of the Inamo experience is an ingenious ordering system that allows diners to interact directly with the kitchen, rather than having to depend on the instant availability of waiting staff. Stunning graphics and photographically illustrated menus showing the chef’s creations in real size are projected onto the sleek tables made from glacier white DuPont Corian. Using a circular touchpad (about the size of a drinks mat) recessed into the table top, customers can then navigate their way through the dishes and send their order directly to the kitchen.
The interactive menu system, housed in and projected from futuristic pods above each table, invites diners to experiment with the technology beyond simply ordering their food. They can change the mood and ambiance by selecting from differently coloured and patterned virtual tablecloths, play games with their dining companion, watch their meal being prepared via a webcam in the kitchen, browse local area information and even order a cab, all from the comfort of their tables.