These naughty illustrations betray truisms about human relationships

“Les Coquins” is a book of risqué illustrations by French artist Marion Fayolle.

From the Series

Marion Fayolle, a graduate of Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg, has illustrated and published a book of saucy and surreal illustrations. Drawing from the illustrations in reading books for young children, Fayolle combines sweet, childish motifs with erotic adult themes.

Titled Les Coquins, the illustrations in the book use humour to highlight and poke fun at the sexual relationships between men and women. In a move inspired by surreal realism, Fayolle dismembers her human subjects and replaces their body parts with children’s toys, mundane objects, food and animals.

Her illustrations feature a snail man in front of a salad and a rocket man lying at the foot of woman with a moon for buttocks.

Using visual puns, Fayolle captures the body language between two people. Though the images are fun and humorous, the illustrations still manage to convey darker themes of passion, love, longing and lust. 

Fayolle is the co-founder of the acclaimed French graphic design and illustration magazine Nyctalope.  She has done editorial work for The New York Times and designed textiles for clothing brand Cotélac.