Teledisko: The 60s nightlife experience in a phone booth

Teledisko is a phone booth upcycled into the world’s smallest nightclub.

The streets of Berlin are home to a new nightlife addition, a phone booth upcycled to allow its users to time travel to the 60s. We’ve seen telephone booths transformed into things like botanical boxes, goldfish tanks or mobile libraries, but Teledisko is in a league of its own. Created by, German telecommunications company, Deutsche Telekom, the Teledisko is a coin-operated disco-magnet that gets its users dancing to eclectic 60s vibes.

According to the booth’s designers, “What happens INSIDE the Teledisko stays INSIDE the teledisko,” except a couple of photos and a video if the users choose to record their booth escapades. The tricked out box comes equipped with a fog machine, strobe lights, disco balls and a library full of funk music.

“The dancers are in control of strobe, fog, disco ball and other light effects to lead the trip while the song is playing. The photos are printed right on site, the video sent via download link,” explains the company.

The startup currently has three Telediskos in operation, two of which are situated inside nightclubs. The third is a mobile Teledisko that has travelled to locations like Paris, London, Vienna amongst other European cities to enhance fairs, parties and festivals. 

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