Tekku stools by Ira Studio

Teak and brass combine in two stools that exemplify this Chennai-based studio's subtle synthesis of age-old Indian craft and contemporary design.

The Tekku collection of stools, by Ira Studio in Chennai, India, has been entirely handmade by two master craftsmen using age-old techniques such as tarkashi or metal inlay.

There are two distinct yet complementary designs, both of which use teak ("tekku" is the Tamil word for teak) and brass in different applications. The Tekku Brass Stool has a brass seat that has been hand-embossed with a simple pattern using a traditional Indian sheet-metal technique. The Tekku Wood Stool displays a splatter of crafted brass strips inlaid in cross-sections of teak, breaking the rhythm of the wood’s concentric year rings.  

“Our products echo the honest quality of handmade processes,” says creative director of the interior product design studio, Manasa Prithvi. “We embrace the unintentional purity and restrained quality of imperfections that are born of the maker’s marks, which are inherent attributes of handmade products.”

The stool's simple form and strong silhouette is offset by the intricate detailing of the seats.

The wood has been polished to a natural matte finish that enhances the richness of the grains. Its warm hue complements the brass, which has been polished to a subtle lustre. 

According to Prithvi, these accent pieces will age gracefully as the teak darkens.

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