Take Time

The Take Time watch collection by Mathieu Lehanneur reinvents an old classic for the digital age.

Take Time is the new sleek and versatile watch collection designed by Mathieu Lehanneur for Lexon.

Unusual and timeless, this piece serves as a tool for telling time, as well as being a covetable accessory. Lehanneur drew inspiration from the classic pocket watch and the pendulum of Professor Cuthbert Calculus to design a reinvention of an old classic for the digital age.

This contemporary watch is unisex, watertight and a compact archetype. It nestles in the palm of your hand, slips around your wrist or onto anything from a belt to a handbag strap. The range will diversify over time, adding new colours, sizes and materials.

Mondomio will be hosting the Lexon Time watch collection in its pop-up showroom from September to December 2012 in Paris. 

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