Studio Truly Truly's flexible range of LED loops

The Levity range features customisable loops with light that radiates through a woven textile exterior.

The Levity Light, designed by Dutch design firm Studio Truly Truly, evokes feelings of lightness and gravity using unique textile-infused, flexible LED lights arranged in loops. “The light radiates through a woven textile exterior, adding a sense of softness and familiarity,” explains the studio.

The lamps come in both floor and pendant forms. The floor lamps rest on a steel base, which extends up into an arm-like structure that holds the circular light at the top. Users can shift the position of the loop to change its shape.

The pendant lights are the same basic structure as the floor lamps but turned upside down. Suspended from a pair of thin steel rods, the pendant lamps highlight the flexibility of the LEDs, allowing owners to adjust its shape.

The studio reached out to Japanese animator Hideki Inaba to create a short film inspired by Levity’s forms.

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