Stepping up solar efforts

This sidewalk converts steps into power.

All over the world, we’re working to make our cities more sustainable. Steering away from the concept of a concrete jungle, companies have invited nature back into our spaces, invested in technology that uses energy sustainably and incorporated structures that are also visually appealing. One such company is Hungarian startup Platio that designed a paving system made from recycled plastic that harvests energy from the Sun.

Smart Walk

The modular system clips together like Lego bricks, making additional wiring unnecessary. It also integrates different types of environmentally friendly technologies such as solar panels and kinetic energy converters to transform the energy of human steps or any other means of vibration.

Soalr walk

The goal, according to the company’s website, is to “create a clean and energy-independent future.” To this aim, Platio is in the process of developing the solar sidewalks, of which they’ve already sold 150 square meters, and two more energy efficient projects.

Platio’s Community Grid will function as a small community power plant. “It behaves exactly like a solar farm with the difference that there is no need for delivery to the users but it can be used immediately on the site,” says the company.

Community Grid

The company also envisions using the sidewalk as an information hub. The Infopavement could provide room for new advertising surfaces, open up new channels of communication and can provide new services for users.