Standing out

Eddie Opara has given Platform, a non-profit organisation, the credibility it deserves through a bold and memorable identity.

Establishing iconic and memorable brand characteristics for Platform, Eddie Opara has designed the identity and website for the non-profit organisation giving it the gravitas and credibility it deserves.

Platform’s mission is to increase the interest and participation of under-represented groups in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship, with particular focus on African-Americans, Latinos and women. The organisation has been conceived as a movement and Opara’s identity and website have been designed as flexible elements that will adapt and grow with the organisation.

The logo uses the font ThreeSix 11, which the Pentagram designer chose for its futuristic, technological look. The wordmark has been extended with a distinctive line that can be customised for a series of transformations that reflect the dynamic nature of the organisation. The line can appear in an endless variety of forms and shapes, lengthening to convey the idea of connection or inclusion.

Opara further designed the environmental graphics for the first Platform Summit that was recently held at the MIT Media Lab. Each summit will have its own graphic look that will be used in conjunction with the Platform identity.

While the Summit graphics are mostly designed in elemental black and white, the identity as a whole incorporates bright colour to stand out. Bold colour is a basic element of the website, the chief “platform” for the organisation to share ideas and encouragement through videos of the Summit talks, influencing and inspiring the next generation of innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs.

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