Eddie Opara on creating three-dimensional designs

Eddie Opara believes that a sense of identity is the most important thing one can hold on to.

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Eddie Opara of Pentagram design in New York believes that designers are not meant to fully finish designs, as creating version upon version betters the original design each time. He also thinks design should be collaborative. The graphic designer centres his work around his personal identity, and continually strives to figure out who he is and what he does as a designer.

At Design Indaba Conference 2012, Opara speaks about the various works he has done. From magazine covers to interactive wallpaper installations, Opara has an interest in folding and creating three-dimensional creations.

He further explains that his Nigerian heritage plays a big role in his work as much of his inspiration comes from traditional Nigerian headscarves worn by women of the country.

Click here to watch the official interview with Opara in Cape Town at Design Indaba 2012.

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