Squirrel feet

Funky, feminine... and inspired by squirrels! Take a look at Tord Boontje and Tracey Neuls' new collection of footwear.

From the Series

Squirrels might not be something you generally equate to footwear.

But these little creatures are exactly what inspired Canadian footwear designer Tracey Neuls and Dutch product designer Tord Boontje to create a unique footwear collection for retailer Selfridges.

The pair first worked together in 2010 when they realised that despite their different qualifications, their individual skill sets and like-mindedness allows them to work together in a unique and successful manner.

In 2012 the duo joined forces again to produce a footwear collection.

As Boontje is known for his inventive laser cutting, he draws on the notion of a squirrel figure and its natural surroundings to play with print and leather cut aways. These designs are then implemented onto Neuls’ sculptural-heeled pumps and classic rubber-soled derby shoes taken from her vast spectrum of designs.

The limited edition collection is available in red, turquoise, blue, black and neutral exclusively for Selfridges until 16 September 2012.

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