A spaceship-like lamp intricately woven by a robot

Atelier Robotiq employs the accuracy of robotics to imitate elaborate design techniques.
Rotterdam-based design studio Atelier Robotiq specialises in merging engineering and technology with design and traditional crafts. Now, it’s advancing the possibilities of design production with its new software and robot capable of creating complex woven objects. The brand’s Fiber Pattern Lamp is the first product series made with the new technology.
The designer determines the pattern of the weave by programming his or her design into the software, which controls the robot. Operating on aerospace fibre-winding technology, the robot weaves one hundred metres of cord around a solid shape, to form a lightweight, 3D lampshade that looks something like a flying spaceship when suspended.
As a décor piece, the lamp is contemporary in style and its patterned frame casts interesting shadows on surroundings structures.

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