Sound or sci-fi?

Speakers that look like washing machines with solar panels attached to them in the middle of the desert?

“Sun Boxes” is composer and musician Craig Colorusso’s solar-powered sound installation. The installation consists of 20 speakers, each fitted with different guitars samples of varying lengths, powered by solar panels. The result is a sound that keeps evolving.

People are encouraged to walk through the Sun Box installation to experience the different sounds. Being dependent on the power of the sun, the composition of the sound changes as one walks through the installation. A morning walk will sound different to an afternoon walk, enabling people to experience the sounds in a unique way. Colorusso says that when one collaborates with nature to create art, there is no way to control it.

Sun Boxes are a refreshing reminder of our dependence on nature, despite technological advancement. Colorusso says: “Our lives have filled up with technology. But we still need the sun and so does Sun Boxes.”

Listen to the interesting sounds on YouTube or check out Colorusso’s blog.