Solar solution

The "Eliodomestico" solar-powered water filter could improve access to clean water in parts of the developing world.

Access to clean drinking is a big problem in large parts of the developing world. While this problem could be solved by filtering the water, the lack of electricity infrastructure in these areas usually makes this an unfeasible option.

But what if the water distiller used solar power? Italian designer Gabriele Diamanti developed the “Eliodomestico” solar-powered water filter that draws power from the sun to operate.

Made from terracotta, recycled plastic and anodised zinc, the Eliodomestico is able to produce five litres of drinking water daily.

The traditional techniques Diamanti employed in designing the filter means that it uses no electricity at all and no filters, while requiring only minimal maintenance. The low-tech nature of the filter also means that the device doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment and it can be produced by local crafts people so the economic benefits stay in the community.

Using the Eliodomestico is as easy as filling the water tank with water from a local source in the morning and collecting clean water from the portable basin underneath the tank in the evening.