Sleepwear doesn't have to look like something you'd only wear to bed

Alexia Hechter, one of our Design Indaba 2016 Emerging Creatives, creates high-end sleepwear out of wool.

Inspired by her mother’s wool duvet business, Alexia Hechter founded WOL, a range of humble, relaxed sleepwear created using the comfortable and natural properties of organic wool.

Hechter believes that “sleepwear doesn’t have to look like something you must wear to bed”. Using elegant shapes to create comfortable garments with natural fabrics, WOL Ontwerp (Afrikaans for Wool Design) makes fashionable sleepwear for men and women.

The wool is sourced from her father's sheep farm in Mpumalanga. She uses predominantly merino wool because of its softness and availability. Hechter also likes to incorporate other materials such as cotton, linen, muslin and silk into her pieces for added style and comfort. The products are relatively boutique. 

“Wool and natural materials are expensive”, says 21-year-old fashion designer Alexia Hechter. “I cater for the mid to high-end markets.”

She says she’s aware of trends but doesn’t always follow them. She is working on different ranges that will have seasonal qualities, allowing customers to wear her creations all year round. 

Hechter plans to launch an online shop that will start trading this year.

Image: Wol Ontwerp