Shower time

Nendo blurs the boundaries between a shower and a lamp with their creation for Axor.

Is it a lamp or is it a shower?

Drawing inspiration from an emotional living space outside of the bathroom, Nendo has designed a shower that reinterprets the water installation device in a surprising and unconventional way.

Japanese design studio Nendo collaborated with Axor, the designer brand of Hansgrohe, to design a shower that adds a sophisticated designer element to any bathroom.

My aim was to combine what is most archetypal about the living space, the lighting, with water, so as to give the shower an enhanced sensuous dimension in a way we have not yet seen before, says Nendo.

The Axor WaterDream brings light and water together and frees the shower from spatial constraints. What traditionally took place in separate rooms – reading under a lamp in the living room, taking a shower in the bathroom – can now be experienced free from spatial allocations and confinements.

The result of my design is something that is not just a shower, nor just a lamp, but a hybrid – a magic trick with light and water that is available day after day, says Nendo.

The Axor WaterDream understands the use of space, the interaction with water, and the multifaceted needs of individual people.

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