Shaped for solar success

Custom-shaped solar panels are helping to popularise the use of solar panels because of their flexibility and versatility.

Solar power is all the rage and now a new development in the shape of solar panels mean that solar power can be integrated into various aspects of our daily lives more easily.

Greendix, a Taiwan-based supplier of custom solar panels have created leaf-shaped PV crystalline silicon solar panels, using new proprietary technology. This means that solar panels can now be shaped in accordance with the function for which it is needed, making the possibilities for solar-power use endless.

One of novel functions for which the leaf-shaped solar panels have been appropriated is for an iPhone charger. Gimicky, but also highly functional.

And adding to the good news is that the panels are available in a variety of colours, giving designers more to play with. Joseph Lin, president of Greendix, explains that they wanted to revolutionise an existing technology, such as solar panels, so that it can “seamlessly merge with our surroundings”.

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