Sensory dining

Secret Sensory Suppers take the dining experience to a new ritualistic level, exploring the relationship between food, sight, scent and sound.

It may have something to do with the sound of the words but “Secret Sensory Suppers” sound scintillating.

The initiative of London-based trend forecasters FranklinTill, Secret Sensory Suppers is an experimental dining event that explores the relationship between food, sight, scent and sound. The end result is a non-material feast for the senses.

Secret Sensory Suppers aim to highlight the way we eat and is organised as such that diners can concentrate on nothing but the food. It’s about becoming aware of your senses while eating, turning the event into a ritualistic supper.

For the London Design Festival last month, FranklinTill invited three creative partners, culinary alchemists and jelly mongers Bompas & Parr, Silent Studios and Stirring With Knives blogger Caroline Hobkinson to work with renowned Andaz chefs to create tailor-made menus with interactive elements.

Unlike conventional dining experiences, Secret Sensory Suppers provoked diners, blindfolded them and even asked them to play musical instruments while they ate.

For the first Secret Sensory Supper,  Bompas & Parr had guests watching Alejandro Jodorowsky’s cult film Holy Mountain while they indulged in a 1970s-style feast. Hobkinson invited diners to eat with instruments, sometimes blindfolded and for the third instalment of Secret Sensory Suppers Silent Studios combined food and music in unusual ways.