Secret codes

E-readers are all the rage but a new book, Tree of Codes, demonstrates some of the creative possibilities of the printed book.

There’s a lot of talk and speculation about the imminent demise of print, courtesy of digital. But then a really interesting project comes along and illustrates why sometimes the non-digital option is just more beautiful.

Tree of Codes is Jonathan Safran Foer’s new book and its adding a whole new dimension to book design. Published by Visual Editions, the book looks like any other from the outside. Opening it up however reveals a bit of magic. Each page in the book has been die-cut to show only a few words at a time.

The text is taken from Bruno Schulz’s The Street of Crocodiles while the design is by Sara de Bondt Studio. Gray318 were responsible for the cover artwork while Belgian printers Die Keure were the only ones up to the task of die-cutting a pattern on every page. The project took more than a year to complete, but seems to be worth it.