Sanivation turns human waste into a useful fuel in Kenya

Sanivation installs toilets in Kenya’s homes and, in exchange for a small monthly fee, picks up the waste and turns it into a clean cooking fuel.

Sanivation, a sanitation startup founded by Andrew Foote and Emily Woods, installs free modern container-based toilets in low-income homes in Kenya. Once the toilets are installed, the homeowner pays a small monthly service fee and the Sanivation team collects the waste. If that's not innovative enough, the collected waste is sterilised and turned into a cleaner burning alternative cooking fuel to charcoal or wood.

“Our dependable, user-focused, and vertically integrated sanitation services address the full sanitation value chain and allow families living in urbanizing communities throughout East Africa to live a modern and healthy life,” says the Sanivation website. 

By providing people with personal toilets, Sanivation brings cleanliness, dignity and privacy to individuals in rapidly urbanising parts of Kenya. 

Sanivation hope to license their model out to refugee camps to help meet the demand for sanitation services. By 2020, they hope to be servicing over one million people in Naivasha, Kenya.