Room with a view

A Zen-inspired room, atop a building in the middle of a city, is like floating in the space between earth and sky.

A Room for London was the entry of Design Initiatives to a competition, organised by Artangel and Living Architecture, that called for the design of a temporary demountable hotel in the city. It was required that the room be suitable for two guests and that it would be possible to build the hotel on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, and that it could comfortably accommodate visitors to the 2012 Olympic Games.

Design Initiatives’s offering is almost cloud-like, creating an island-structure in which visitors can relax but also connect to 21st century urban life through gazing at the British capital from a high position. The idea is that even in the midst of 2012 London, guests will be able to quietly retreat into this space.

At night the functioning of the hotel becomes more critical. It responds to changing moods to create a sense of motion. The room is also designed in a way that allows for easy transportation and installation at various sites.