Quirky cauliflower

Meet Doris. She's a great-tasting, long-lasting cauliflower. Then also meet her siblings: Doug, Shirl and Bob.

People have a habit of naming the things they love. So it makes sense then to name the vegetables that we should be loving for a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Australian firm Black Squid Design were commissioned to design a label and packaging for prepacked vacuum-cooled cauliflowers.

The designers realised that the cauliflowers would have to connect with consumers somehow and work to establish the humble cauliflower as  one of the “sexy vegetables”.

So they decided to give the cauliflowers some personality by naming it.

Meet Bob, Doris, Doug and Shirl, four fresh-cut, vacuum-cooled cauliflowers, with familiar and traditional names that remind consumer of grandma’s wholesome food.

Each cauliflower comes with serving suggestions, aimed at helping people with busy schedules produces tasty, healthy meals. With four different names consumers are encouraged to try a different name, and serving suggestion, each time they buy a cauliflower.