Public lobby

The lobby of the Public Theatre in New York has a new look, integrating both the theatre's architecture and identity. Paula Scher led this creative reinvention.

Paula Scher has transformed the lobby of the Public Theatre into one of New York’s most vibrant and welcoming spaces for theatregoers.

After extensive renovations the theatre was reopened to the public last year. Since the reopening Scher has gradually been implementing a variety of environmental graphics in the space. 

Scher's exuberant graphics are seamlessly integrated into the iconic architecture and identity of the building. Since Scher first designed the theatre's identity some two decades ago, her distinct graphic style has become a familiar presence in New York's cultural landscape. 

Working closely with Ennead Architects, Scher has translated the identity into a signage and wayfinding system that helps make the theatre’s lobby more dynamic and accessible, to further celebrate the theatre's status as a theatre for the public.

The expressive use of typography on various surfaces, and in different shapes and forms, works to create a striking, theatrical effect. 

The box office at the back of the lobby features a colourful collage of snipped Public posters from the past two decades.

For the exterior Scher designed a new marquee canopy that dramatically renders the Public logo in glass over the steps of the entrance. The letters of the logo are clear and transparent, adding to the effect of a light and airy marquee. 

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