Prepd Pack reimagines the lunchbox

Modular lunchbox and app system, Prepd Pack is a convenient and healthy way to plan lunch.

Prepd Pack is a modular lunchbox that works with a smart app to make packing lunch healthier and easier. Chris Place and Will Matters recently launched the product on Kickstarter. It has already received the support of over 5 200 backers. A smart lunch preparation system together with a compact design does away with the troubles of packing lunch. 

Styled like a bento-box, the lunchbox features several leak-proof compartments, a set of magnetic silverware and a layer of neoprene to control the temperature of the food.

The accompanying app features shopping lists and updated meal plans, designed by professional nutritionists and chefs, for a broad range of dietary requirements. The healthy meals are quick to prepare and designed to fit into the lunchbox’s modular containers, making meal prep more efficient and eliminating chances of food waste. The Prepd app also provides nutritional information and monitors what the user’s eating habits to supply meaningful feedback about his or her diet.

Because the designers are advocates of eco-friendly living, the Prepd Pack is manufactured from high quality and recycled materials.