Pour a house

Moladi, a South African company, specialises in a reusable plastic formwork for use in construction of affordable housing and low cost housing projects.

Part of the Project

In order to change the way we build low-cost housing Moladi developed a system that constitutes the use of a removable, reusable, recyclable and lightweight plastic formwork mould, which is filled with an aerated mortar to form the wall structure of a house in as little as one day.

The process involves creating a mould in the form of the complete house. This wall mould is then filled with an aerated form of mortar. The process is faster than traditional methods of construction and result in a better quality low-cost house.

Each set of Moladi formwork panels can be re-used 50 times making the technology cost effective due to its repetitive application scheme, reducing the cost of construction and transportation significantly. The Moladi system produces durable and permanent structures.

The process has won the Design for Development award of the South African Bureau of Standards Design Institute in 1997.

Moladi was exhibited at Design Indaba Expo as part of the Africa is Now Exhibition under the theme 'Africa is Urban' which explores the