Portuguese artist’s massive murals are an ode to nature

Antonio Correia, or Pantonio, is known for his massive public art projects in cities all over the world.

Since 2011,  Portuguese street artist Antonio Correia has been changing the face of cityscapes all over the world. The artist draws from nature and the wildlife of his home in the Azores islands, Atlantic Portugal to create colossal murals in the heart of cities in Portugal, France, China, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Tunisia.

Also known as Pantonio, Correia’s public art projects have been featured in numerous media publications. His murals have been described as fluid, monumental, and an ode to the strength and mystery behind nature’s greatest creations.

His use of black and shades of blue evoke a sense of fluidity, muscle and movement as the painted fish, birds and plant life seem to move and cascade down and up and through the rooms of the massive buildings that are his canvas.

Based in Lisbon, Correia has held a solo exhibition in Lisbon in 2012 and Paris in 2014. He also participated in collective shows in Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, and Montreal.