Pleasure centre

The new nhow in Berlin is more than a hotel, it's also a data-driven art and design space by Karim Rashid.

Located on the Spree River in Berlin, the nhow hotel designed by Karim Rashid is a celebration of the city’s modern zeitgeist while also presenting an uncluttered and sensual hotel experience.

With over 300 guest rooms, meeting facilities, a restaurant, bar, lobby and lounge, Rashid’s vision was to bridge the digital age of information, and the physical and spiritual needs of visitors.

By engaging visuals, textures and colours, Rashid’s designs for nhow illustrates how design touches us on every level, and how it defines our “dimensional interior environments, and create new progressive human behaviours and new languages”. Digipop artwork serves as the headboard in each of the rooms while the custom-patterned flooring is made of printed recyclable wood. Playing to modern digital needs, guests can play their own tunes from an in-room iPod dock and connect their laptop to the television. The lighting can be personalised to create different preset moods: work, play and relax. An inset TV rotates within the wall divider in the premium rooms, making it ideal for viewing in bed or anywhere else in the suite.

Designed with pampering in mind, the bathroom features a freestanding bathtub in custom colours, large glass showers, mosaic tile floors and double sinks.

A LED sculpture in the hotel lounge reads “Freedom” while the twilight colour creates a sensual atmosphere. An omnipresent and omni-directional head made of gold lacquered fiberglass in the bar makes a bold statement while the ergonomic couches make it a great place to hang out.