Playground senses

“Playground closes at dusk” is Nacho Carbonell’s outdoor installation looking at connections between sense and surrounding.

Looking to the subtle connections between our senses and the surrounding environment, Spanish designer Nacho Carbonell has created the “Playground closes at dusk” installation at Design Miami/Basel.

Presented by Galleria Rossana Orlandi, the installation encourages the observer to interact with the pieces in the installation, the work wakes up the senses to become aware of a different view. The observer should now have a different sense of themselves, in relation to their surrounding environment.

"Playground closes at dusk" is an outdoor installation comprised of five pieces. Four of the pieces investigate this world of the senses, while the remaining pieces represents memory. This memory also refers to the human brain’s capacity to remember details, understand feelings and sensations. With this work Carbonell wants the observer to smell, touch, hear and feel the different parts, ultimately creating a “sensorial experience in which the observer can participate… becoming not just a simple user of the playground, but also an entity to analyse the whole context”.

"Auditorium", "Odor, Resonator", "Point of View" and "Memoralia" are the evocative, unequivocal names given to the pieces of this collection made of ladders, metal cones and emotional details. The pieces were realised in collaboration with Marc Barrera, Barnabé Fillion and Borre Akkersdijk.