Plant products

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg's "Growth Assembly" seeks to use living organisms for the growth and production of materials used in product design.

Proposing the use of synthetic biology to grow products, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg’s Growth Assembly project brings a diversity and softness into a realm once dominated by heavy manufacturing.

Growth Assembly aims to harness the natural environment for the production of products and objects in order to reduce the impact of shipping raw materials and packaged goods on the environment.

“Herbicide Sprayer”, the first part of the Growth Assembly project, seeks to encode elements of product design into the natural DNA of a plant, which will use the plant’s structure to grow product parts. Once the plant is fully developed, product parts can be stripped and are ready for assembly.

Through transforming living organisms into living industrial robots, shipping of materials decrease significantly with only the need for seeds to be transported around the world.

Growth Assembly is the result of a collaboration between Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg and Sascha Pohflepp.  


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