PIXO changes the way we use our tablets

Oscar Diaz designs a solution for an everyday tech-related problem we didn’t even know we had.

Product designer and Design Indaba alumnus Oscar Diaz creates objects that are meaningful for people by re-looking at the seemingly ordinary things we see every day. His latest project, PIXO is a magnetic mount that changes the way we use our electronic devices by incorporating the on-the-go tablet into our permanent desktop workstation.

Currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter, PIXO is a magnetic mount that allows you to attach a tablet to a computer and use it as a second display. The tablet can be synched with the host computer to increase its desktop screen area.

The tablet and computer can be synched using any third party app such as Duet Display or Air Display.

The mount is a clamp-like device made up of two strong magnets that are secured to the display with metallic stickers. The tablet, also equipped with a metallic sticker, can then be easily snapped on and off the mount.

“The PIXO mount adds value to your tablet by allowing you to use it as an extension of your display,” says Diaz. “If you are working on your computer and your tablet is just lying around or in a bag, you are not making the most of it.”

By relooking an everyday object, Diaz has come up with a concept that changes the way we interact with our devices.

“I have a strong interest in technology and how it’s reshaping the way we behave. My intention is to look for needs within that constantly evolving relationship we have with technology,” says Diaz.

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